Mode Indicators

1.Turn on the scooter by pressing the Power button for 3 seconds.

2.Double press the Power button quickly, the headlight will be on

3.Press the power button 3 times quickly, the speed unit will be shifted between Mph and Km/h.

4.Speed gear can be changed by press the speed switch button,when the scooter under low speed mode, the color of speed level indicator will be white, when the scooter under middle speed mode, the color of speed level indicator will be yellow, when the scooter under high speed mode, the color of speed level indicator will be red.

1)Unfold scooter and Fix the steering rod.

2) insert handle bar into steering rod,and use the hex wrench in the packing box to tighten the screwson handle bar. Set handle bars vertically.Make sure it is tight.

3)Test the power switch after finish assembly. 

Please wear helmet and knee/albow pads before riding

1) Power on and check battery led light
2) Stand on pedal with one foot, kick the ground the other
3) Step on feet when the scooter is moving, then press the accelerator button, it will go faster. loose the accelerator button it is slow down.Press the left brake lever tightly if want to brake.
4) Turn the handlebar left or right slowly,it will turn left or right.

1) It is not recommended driving in rain or slippery way.
2) It is recommend to slightly bend knees to better adjust to a rough road.If you are riding on bumpy road, shift to low speed (5-10km/h)
3) Entering into any room, elevator, fold it and carry it.
4) It is forbidden to increase speed when descending a hill
5) While walking with a scooter, do not press speed accelerator
6) It is not recommended to go over various obstacles on road
7) Please do not hang backpacks and other heavy objects on handle bars
8) It is forbidden to place one foot on the running board or on the wheel

Preventing dangerous driving

1) It is forbidden to ride a scooter on motorway with high speed ,or over-speed right.
2) It is forbidden to sharply turn a a residential area with a large flow of passers-by.
3) It is forbidden to drive through puddles, to which exceeds depth of 2cm.
4) Forbidden ride a scooter more than one person, or hold/carry children in your arms.
5) Do not tread the back of the fender
6) Do not touch the disc brake
7) Do not driving without hands on or press button in riding.
8) Do not riding electric scooter up, down stairs or jump over obstacles.

1)Electric scooter-it is only a device for entertainment,not vehicle. But once you driving to public area, the electric scooter brings certain risks for your safety. For the sake of your safety and others safety, you must strictly follow the instructions,
outlined in this driving manual.

2) You should understand when you ride a scooter in a public place, you must comply with all recommendations for safety. Also do not forget that there is a possbility of collision, due to violation of pedestrians or vehicles traffic rules, there is also a risk of injury, due to improper operation of the unit.As in other types of vehicles, the higher a speed of electric scooter, the greater a braking distance. On some smooth road emergency braking may cause skidding of scooter, loss of balance and even fall down. Therefore, during moving of scooter you need to be vigilant, to adhere to an appropriate speed,keep a safe distance from pedestrians and/ or with other vehicles. Riding on unfamiliar terrain, keep vigilance and appropriate speed.

3)While riding scooter, respect rights of pedestrians. Do not scare them, especally children. low speed, passing by them. If you are moving in the same direction with pedestrians, try to stick to the left side as much as possible(for right-hand traffic
countries).If you are moving in the opposite direction, stick to the right and slow down.

4)Please strictly following your country road rules to driving, and also strictly abide by rules, set out in the instructions and safety recommendations. Violation of the above rules may result financial expenses, personal injury, occurrece of traffc accidents, legal disputes, conflict and other unpleasant situations. Our company does not bear any direct or joint and several liability.

5) To avoid personal injury, do not loan electric scooter to others whom do not know how to drive.Please spend a training before you transfer your scooter to friends, as wellas teach he(her)must be wear the proper safety gear.

6)Please do inspect scooter carefullybefore each use.If you find shattered parts, battery life has decreased obviously,tires leak air or there are signs of excessive wear, uncharacteristic sounds when turning or other abnormal symptoms, please don’t use of scooter.

1) Make sure scooter is turned off,hold the front rod ,Press the spring, pull forward the lock on tube, then fall down the rod.
2) Fold the scooter, and connect the two hooks on front pole and Pedal board, then the folding is finished

Daily Maintenance

Clean and Store

1) If you find any stains on electric scooter housing, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the vehicle; You can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean the scooter from stains, and then wipe it clean with a damp cloth. If you find scratched on parts, made of plastic, use sandpaper or other grinding materials for their polishing.

Warning: Do not use alcohol, petrol, kerosene or other corrosive solutions, volatile chemical solvents to clean the vehicle.Otherwise, it willcause serious damage to the scooter body and can disrupt a structure of internal elements.

1) Do not replace batteries from other brands in order to avoid a dangerous situation;

2) Do not open or disassemble the battery to prevent electric shock. Avoid contact with metal objects to prevent an occurrence of a short circuit. Otherwise, the battery may have malfunction or can injure the user;

3) It is recommended to use an AC adapter, that comes in original configuration of the device, to prevent an occurrence of an accident or fire of the vehicle; Improper disposal of used batteries and accumulators is the cause of severe environmental pollution. Please, dispose of batteries in accordance with local laws. Please do not dispose of batteries together with food waste. Protecting the environment together!

4) After each use of the scooter, charge the battery to prolong its service life. Do not store the scooter battery in rooms with temperatures, that exceed 50C or-20 C (for example, do not leave the battery of Electric Scooter and other batteries in cars in summer time on the hot sun), do not leave the battery near fire. As a result of these actions may deteriorate the battery, overheating and can even cause inflammation.

NOTE: If the scooter is not used within 30 days, charge the scooter battery periodically and keep in a cool, dry place. Every 60 days you need to charge the battery, otherwise there is the possibility of its battery dead failure, which is not subject to warranty services.

Avoid a full discharge of the scooter, it will to shorten battery life. When using the device at normal room temperature, the battery will be able to ride much greater distance and its performance will be better; but if you use the scoter attemperatures below OC, vehicle performance and permeability decrease.

At-20C a traveled distance is less, than the scooter in the normal conditions of half or even less. If a temperature rises, a traveled distance by the vehicle will also increase.

You can check remaining distance in the Application. Note: A fully charge scooter runs about 120-180 days of standby time. The battery has a smart chip, that stores information about its charging-discharging.

If you are not charging the battery for a long time, it can cause serious damage, for which it is impossible to charge the device again.

This kind of damage is not included in free warranty service. (Caution: Do not disassemble the device by unauthorized people, as there is a risk of electric shock or serious injury as result of a short circuit.

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