Warranty details

Freego offers a 2-year limited Manufacturer Warranty for the Original Retail Purchaser only. It is the dealer’s responsibility to offer Call service and repair job to his customers. Within 2 years from the date of purchase, Freego only offers Free Spare Parts (under warranty) to the dealer as well as online technical supports. Parts supply validity is 2 years maximum.


 Under warranty.  

2-year warranty on Frames and Stems only. And 1-year on Motor, battery, controller and display. 6-month on Throttle, lights and brakes. See details below:

Bike Body

– 24 months

Core Electrical Parts

– 12 months

Other Parts

– 6 months

Components subject to wear 

 – 30 days

E-Bike Frame

Front-wheel with Rim

Electronic throttle 

Handlebar Grips

Stem (metal)

Motor-12months or 18,000km

Head light

Front & rear Tyre

Handlebar (metal)

Rear fork assembly


Front & rear Inner Tube


Display (In-car Computer)

Brake lever

Front & rear fender


Motor Controller 

Brake cable

Front fork


Battery pack

Brake caliper



Battery charger


brake cables


Post for saddle 

Transmission gears

Notes: The rest parts which are not stated above are NOT covered by the WARRANTY including but not limitedto all Wear and tear items: Shifter,Bearings, Brake Pads, Disc Pad, Chains, Free Hub Bodies, , and casings, Spokes, Sprockets, Stripped threads/bolts, Tools, Fasteners (screws) and Rubber moving parts.


Not covered by Warranty. If the bike is broken by man-made damage or out of warranty, Freegocanoffer2-year supply of Replacement Parts to make sure the product can keep workable status. The dealer shall buytheparts from Freego and the price-list will be updated time by time.

Note: The following conditions are not covered by warranty

I. Electrical damage caused by improper use of the battery such as using an unapproved charger; Batteryislongtime left uncharged, or plugging the power cable in the wrong way is not covered. Please charge batteryresponsiblyand regularly (at least one time per month). If your battery can not be charged because you keep it unchargedmorethan 1 month, the battery may enter into deep sleeping mode that can not work again. You have to buy newbatterywith your own cost.

II. Water damage caused by improper use in snow, wet or flooded conditions is not covered. Our products arerainresistant, not waterproof. Please use with care!

III. Damage caused by accidents, disasters, or improper use such as racing or jumping or overweight is not covered.

IV. Damage caused by not following the User’s Manual or not following proper maintenance procedures is not covered.

V. The warranty does not cover any damage or missing parcels caused by courier services. Once our productsleavewarehouse Freego have absolutely no control over them. However Freego are willing to assist the buyer ingettingcompensation from the courier service. Freego suggest the buyer to contact the shipping carrier first for theproofofany missing or broken items. This proof is the key to get any compensation

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