Thanks for visiting Freego Official Online Store. You can contact us with following ways.

Option 1:  Emaill or text us | Highly recommended. and with all details including faulty description with pictures and videos.  You can also text us at +1 213-640-6875‬. We will reply you within 24 hours (We do not work on Sat. and Sunday)

Option 2:  Give us a Call | Direct line
Phone: 213-640-6875‬ (Support Text and call). Monday to Friday: 10AM–2PM.
Please text us if you can not reach our customer service. Tony will reply you when he comes back to office. Please email Tony at

Business Inquiry- become Freego Distributors

Freego is based on B2B business in last 13 years. 80% of our revenue comes from B2B. If you want to become Freego Distributors or customize/develope a new product, Freego is your best partner. Our experienced engineering team (13 years experience) can develop a new product within 3 months. Please email B2B Team at with your background and Marketing Plan for 2022-2023.  

Are you seeking for marketing cooperation?
We also welcome Influencers to join Freego Team, please call or email us to become Freego marketing partner (test review or content creation) 

Our Locations

Freego California, USA
4586 Brooks St, Dock #1
Montclair, CA 91763
Phone: +1 213-640-6875
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Freego has some dealers who sell on Amazon, eBay and Walmart online stores. If you buy from them, please contact your seller for support (this is the best way) at first. If you can not get good answer, please come back to us but we need to know your Purchase Information and Product model and faulty description. Please fill in the blanks to make us understand your situation technical-support page.

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